Tuesday, February 24, 2009


One of my favorite embellishments for Tudor and Elizabethan costume is blackwork embroidery, also known as Spanish Work or monochrome embroidery.

I enjoy embroidery, but time and a progressive hand condition mean that I can't do much of it. Yet, my costumes cry out for embroidery.

I could buy a fancy sewing machine and learn to design and digitize blackwork patterns, but do I have room and time for another fascinating hobby? No. Don't even tempt me, not if you want to see new patterns!

So, I was delighted to find Thistlebees. They make and sell incredible machine embroidered blackwork cuffs, collars, and other items. Custom work is also available.

I recently received these in the mail:

They're even lovelier in real life. Next, I'm going to have them embroider a smock for me, and the lining for a Mary Tudor partlet.


  1. Hi Margo. Janome has a nice blackwork design card. Otherwise it is easy enough to order specific blackwork designs over the web. Using an embroidery machine is one of the easiest things to do. As you are not interested in actually digitizing the designs, I think supplying placement lines on your patterns for the embroidery would be really helpful for people who are interested in doing this. Also, you might be able to contract Margo-approved designs from digitizers to offer for sale through your site or even purchase the license for particular designs (if you are contracting for historically accurate/copies of extant designs). I think that would be more productive of your time.

  2. Such kind of embroidery produced with the help of technology is called as digitizer embroidery


  3. Actually Angel Fairy, it is just embroidery, we digitize designs and then using our machines to stitch our to digitize the design but it is still called Embroidery,

  4. Embroidery Digitizing is the method of converting artwork into digital data. We can see significant rise in this field of art.