Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blackwork(ish) Fabric!

JoAnn fabrics has a fabric in stock right now that is a pretty good simulation of blackwork embroidery. It's a lightweight cotton, like a batiste, and the embroidery is in lengthwise rows, alternating one that's about 1" across and one that's 1/2".

This fabric could be cut into strips to make collars and cuffs, or you could make an entire smock or shirt out of it. You could also be very Elizabethan correct and stop the embroidery at waist level, using a plain fabric for the lower half.

If you want it, get to JoAnn as soon as possible, because this stuff is flying out of the stores. If your store doesn't have it, they may be able to get it from another store. Here's the SKU number: 128-6889


  1. I found it but had to resist buying it. It wasn't on sale:( I figured I could get some lovely work from Thistlebee (
    if need be, though now I'm focusing just on corsetry anyway. I was so surpised when I saw it and thought of you though!

  2. I picked some up over the weekend. It's a little lighter weight that I would ordinarily use, and I won't be using it right away, but it is pretty cool. And it was still on sale!

  3. I always prefer to shop at Joann Fabrics for beautiful fabrics... They provides reliable stuff!!

  4. I am going to have to see if my local Joanne's has this fabric. On the same note, I saw someone use fancy stiches from their sewing machine to achieve a blackwork look on collars and sleeves, it was pretty decent but more simple it design. I guess depends on how much detail one wants on their embriodery. I would use this in a pinch, I know I will have to experiment with my machine to achieve the proper blackwork look.